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Taps most need to focus on cleaning
"May Day" holiday just around the corner, many people also want to take the opportunity to give the home to be a clean-up in addition to travel, rest, visiting friends and relatives and other holiday plans. The experts have warned that in the spring and summer, when the recovery of all things, ultimately, bacteria, viruses flourish breeding, often overlooked in the home health corner, just ambush eyeing the bacteria army is waiting in the wings to launch attacks on people's health. So, where in the home easy to ambush bacteria do? Holidays to remove the focus of what should where as the clean-up?

Health corners wounding in the invisible

Media reports, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Health Care Committee had 30 locations in 35 families wipe bacteria check, calculate the number of bacteria per square inch, the results show that: the bathroom door handle detection of 121 bacteria, bathroom faucet handle detected in the 6267 bacteria, and kitchen faucet handles detection 10000 bacteria ...

Tianjin Infectious Diseases Hospital Infection Control (cum), director of prevention, MD, Gao Bin reminded themselves and their families away from infectious diseases, to regularly clean the refrigerator door handles, bathroom and kitchen hand basins, faucets, cutting boards, remote control easy breeding ground for pathogens in the home health corner.

Taps, hand basin, shower]

Home health corner bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, shower heads, etc., are easily overlooked. Gao Bin, the bacterial growth conditions is relatively low, where there is water, the bacteria can easily multiply, whereas none of the water it is easy to die. Therefore, the location of the water faucets, sinks, shower, breed bacteria danger zone, moist environment is mold "favorite" bathroom dim light it easier for people to ignore the existence of pollution.
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