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Boda Plastic Industry: introduce a few tips for selection of taps
Turn the handle: feeling light spool

Common Tap valve ball valve core and Taocifaxin. Ball spool have a good anti-pressure ability, but the drawback is that the rubber seal ring easy to wear and tear, will soon be aging. And compared to the ball valve core, the more heat-resistant and wear-resistant ceramic valve, ceramic valve itself has a good sealing performance, thus achieving a high resistance to opening times, will not spool wear and tear caused by the faucets drip. Using leading of Taocifaxin, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close quickly.

The spool inside the tap consumers in the purchase can not see the spool, but the consumer can feel when turning the handle to simply determine the spool is good or bad. In general, consumers, down, left and right to turn the handle, feel light, block a sense of the spool better.

(2) To detect the book: better ensure the quality

Taps the subject are generally brass. Best to ensure quality of products produced by electroplating brass, brass, the higher the purity the better plating quality, the surface of the plating layer is more difficult to be corrosion. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, use zinc alloy instead of brass, although the state allows the use of zinc alloy instead of brass, but the poor quality of zinc alloy plating, corrosion resistance is not strong.

Consumers can be estimated in the purchase of heavy methods for identification, brass heavy hard, zinc alloy lighter softer. Wide but up to the main decorative materials, experts believe, should not merely to determine the weight of the faucet quality good or bad, because some manufacturers increase the faucet wall thickness or by adding other metallic materials, and also allows the faucet to weigh up the heavier. " The consumer is best to ask for product sales staff test report, if the test report finds qualified products, "not a big problem.

Three test flow: a rich foam and soft good bubbler

The consumer should choose the more durable the whole cast faucet. The whole cast taps beat sound more boring, consumers in the purchase to determine if the faucet is the whole cast can beat the tap.

When you purchase, you should try to choose a faucet with a bubbler, and the hand touch feeling water, soft water and foam (water bubble content) the better the quality of the bubbler. The bubbler generally six, usually of metal mesh (part plastic), the water flow through the nets will be cut into a large number of intermediate and mixed with the air of a small jet of water, so that the water from becoming splash.

4 recognized brands: selected brand of after-sales service more secure

The consumer should go to the formal market and supermarkets to buy brand faucet. Brand goods have the manufacturer's brand identity, non-formal or quality of products are often just paste some paper labels, and even without any mark. Taps the box, there should be a manufacturer's brand identity, quality assurance and after-sales service card.
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