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Plastic development of the industry fierce momentum of low-carbon economy
In the rapid development of high-tech industry in Shenzhen, the plastics industry seems to be a people favored the traditional industries, reporters, however, was found recently in an interview, processing and petrochemical plastics, more than 8,000 Shenzhen plastics companies in the past and now is accelerating the transition petrochemical plastics, on the one hand, a substantial reduction, on the other hand a large number of low-carbon plastic, full steam ahead for low-carbon, plastic products, sought after by the market, a substantial increase in domestic and foreign orders, once again leading the nation in the field of low-carbon plastic.
According to Shenzhen Plastics Industry Association, Benny Lau and then, in the tide of the global low carbon economy, low-carbon plastic is an indispensable new force. The low-carbon plastic is mainly reflected in two aspects for energy-saving technologies and the selection of the plastic raw material of low carbon emissions. In the plastics industry in Shenzhen, the energy-saving technologies have begun to promote. Motor frequency transformation of technology into the history of the plastics industry for nearly a decade, and promote the use of injection molding machine has entered the mature stage. Plastic Machinery electromagnetic heating of the heating system and nano far-infrared heating technology, although only the initial two years, but gradually business widely accepted. Shenzhen enterprises generally recognized that energy conservation is not only environmental issues, is also an effective way to save production costs. According to statistics, Shenzhen plastic enterprises emission reduction achieved by energy-saving way to use energy-saving equipment, and the transformation of the original equipment of up to 30% to 50%.

Low-carbon plastic is more important is reflected in the use of new materials, the domestic forefront of low-carbon R & D and production of various types of plastic in the plastic industry in Shenzhen. Plastics of various types of low-carbon emissions, the sudden emergence of bioplastics, has been partially replace petrochemical-based plastics. Development and production of bio-plastics in the world, Shenzhen enterprises can produce four kinds. Guanghua Albert, green world of biological degradation, the meaning can be Man biotechnology companies through R & D research to grasp core technology and obtained a patent on its production of bio-plastic raw materials mostly from starch, cellulose and other natural substances materials, due to carbon neutralization petrochemical plastic carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 80%. The fast-food boxes, phone keypad, garden tools, drinking cups, ballpoint pens, cosmetics and plastic hose ... the production of bioplastics from Shenzhen enterprise compact plastic products, in fact, with traditional petrochemical-based plastics has nothing to do with.

It is understood that in the low carbon emissions plastic recycled plastic, high recognition of the environmental community, many renowned international companies would rather spend more than the price of the new material, but also use recycled plastic, mainly Chinese and their low-carbon performance. Shenzhen detached plastic products company, the production of poly billion plastic bags biodegradable plastic packaging products have been exported to Europe and America. Thailand Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. developed plastic plastic materials, bio-nylon and quality in the leading position in China, product by Siemens and other large companies. Industry Star Co., Ltd. production of cosmetic plastic hose to the Brazilian sugar cane production of bio-polyethylene as raw materials, Chinese and many international cosmetics company. Shenzhen Green World biodegradable materials Co., Ltd., chairman Su Xiaohai told reporters recently the company has just received a billion dollars of disposable snack orders. Masterbatch production of bioplastics from Nissan 150 tons in December of this year, will enhance the Nissan 500 tons. Shenzhen Guanghua Albert Industrial Co., Ltd. company won in market expansion, the company's general manager Yang Hu, Guanghua Albert with polylactic acid and polycaprolactone core patents, the only two major biodegradable materials products and technology enterprises in the field of domestic biodegradable materials occupy the high ground. Our products have passed the European Union and the United States biodegradable material certification, a partnership with Johnson & Johnson, PPG, Toray, Tuo Pule, Foxconn, Apple and Nokia and other companies. The Guanghua Albert has begun the production of biological materials for Sony Ericsson mobile phone keyboard, and also according to customer needs for the Apple phone decorative plastic jacket.
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