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The current situation and problems of domestic plastic plastic industry
Plastics industry is very competitive, how to reduce product cost, improve the competitiveness of their products is a core issue facing every business, and electricity in a large proportion of the cost of the product of the plastics industry, the use of induction heating technology can effectively reduce the enterprise productproduction costs and improve competitiveness.
    Status of the domestic plastics industry

    A. The product is applicable to the industry status quo:

    Plastic products, plastic film, plastic granulator, drawing, injection molding, tubing and other production companies. At present, the production equipment of these companies are based on electric lap, barrel and die heating, melting plasticizing and then injection molded plastic raw materials, stretching, extrusion for the product.

    B. Problems:

    (1) heat loss: heating methods used by existing enterprises, by the resistance wire wound inside and outside the circle of double-sided fever, its surface (close to the barrel part of) the heat conduction to the cylinder on the outside heat the part is dissipated into the air, resulting in the loss and waste of electricity.

    (2) the ambient temperature increases: a lot of loss due to heat, ambient temperature, especially a great impact on the production environment in the summer, the site operating temperature exceeds 45 ° C, some companies had to use air conditioning to lower the temperature, which in turn result in energy secondary waste.

    (3) the short life, the amount of maintenance: As a result of the resistance wire heating, the heating temperature up to about 300 ℃, the resistance wire is easy but has blown due to high temperature aging, commonly used electric circle life of about half a year or so, therefore, maintenance work relatively large.
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